Paris / Île de France, Montreuil, France

Apply for a stay at the HOTEL GELEM. The Roma community will consider your request and possibly invite you. Please present yourself in a comfortable, familiar way and briefly describe what interests you in, and what you would like to take away from, this experience. We are happy to assist you should you have any questions or require additional information. Moreover, you may also utilize the input form or contact us at contact[at]

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a stay in HOTEL GELEM cost?

There is no set price. The Roma people are very hospitable; they engage with and take care of visitors, and most really exert themselves. But do not forget: the people live in severe poverty. Therefore, in lieu of their life circumstances, we think it is appropriate for you to pay the same amount you would expect to spend for an impressive, unforgettable vacation. Honor the Romas, because therein lies also the purpose of this art-project HOTEL GELEM. You will live with the Romas and gain insight into their lives, so please provide them with the recognition and respect that all people deserve. We hope to equalize the opportunities and future prospects.

Who profits off of HOTEL GELEM?

You provide your quid pro quo (compensation) solely and directly to the Roma communities. For instance, you may leave cash for the community with the person who is responsible for your stay (this information will be noted on your invitation). Your donations go entirely to the Romas, so please handle everything with them directly.

What do the people need?

The people live in bitter poverty. Please bring small gifts with you: dinnerware, toys, gently worn clothing and maybe even working electronics/gadgets. We will gladly advise you of what is currently needed. Please also show your appreciation financially at the end of your vacation, prior to returning home.

What is the goal of this project?

What these people urgently need is a genuine opportunity and a new perspective for their own lives. After centuries of expulsion and persecution, we should finally take these people seriously and show them respect. The first step in that direction is a genuine encounter. When you experience the living conditions firsthand, you will understand why the stigmatization is fatal. Poverty cannot continue to be a justification of the rejection and exclusion of certain people from society. For it is the other way around: the social stigma and exclusion led to this fatal lack of opportunities and devastating poverty in the first place. This vicious circle is broken when you encounter the people face to face and learn to overcome stereotypes.

How long should I plan to stay?

For your first visit, we recommend a stay of 2-3 nights, so that you can learn about the life and people, but also cope with the unfamiliar situation, even if your presence is highly demanded by the people.